Full Name: Anna Ermakova (aka ‘Anya’)
Date of Birth: 28/04/██
Place of Birth: Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
Current Location: New York, NY
Height: 5’7″/170cm Eyes: Grey
Nationality: United States of America
Outstanding Warrants: Out of the Box Creative Direction. Breaking the Mold. Unique and Unusual (read: DANGEROUS) Concepts. Standing Up Against the Design Status Quo
Print Skills: Art Direction – Photo Shoots & Campaigns, Development of Print, Web, and Interactive Campaigns, Banner Ads, E-mail Blasts, Typesetting, Web & App Design, Print Production, Video Editing

Web Skills: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, XML and code validation for syntax errors, UX/UI development, A/B testing, Responsive & Adaptive Design, Modular Design, working knowledge of PHP, JavaScript & JQuery as well as MySQL. CMS Systems Include: Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla

Other Skills: Copywriting, Creative Writing, Proofreading, SEO/SEM, E-Commerce Merchandising, Photography, Information Architecture, Financial Reporting (WoW/MoM/YoY)
Also Known For: Bad Puns, Good Cooking + Baking, Not Knowing Movie References, Drinking Wine, Loving Dogs, Classical Piano, Fluent Sarcasm, Traveling the Globe, Obsessive Reading, Breaking Printers, Not Being Able to Drive, Blasting ’80s Power Ballads