The Client: Acer

Who They Are: A multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology.

Skills: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Design, UX/UI, Experiential Design, Advertising

Reveal Sizzle

A digital immersive experience
In response to the global pandemic Acer’s 2021 CES experience went fully digital. It was deemed an unequivocal success.

So how do you take something that was already a success and make it better?

Add purpose.

The decision was made to align the 2022 CES experience with Acer’s sustainability initiatives.

The messaging had to be approached with great care. In a world where greenwashing has become pervasive, Acer wanted to make sure that the topic was handled with a sense of humility. The theme of Reveal was built out as a call to arms. It was the banner under which Acer could say “We know we have a long way to go before we’re fully sustainable, but we’re trying, and we want to help keep the conversation and innovation going.”

All the touchpoints
The first year was a mad dash to the finish line. Year two was all about taking the learnings and working through pain points.

The second year brought with it a brand new event hosting platform, a 360° rendered product showcase, AR integration, highlight videos from regional readers, a microsite, sizzle videos, social media support, and more.

See the 360°

Reveal Branding Teaser

25K+ unique visitors.

16.3M+ impressions across paid and organic social.

And a very happy client:

“I am so grateful to work alongside this team on a great event. Your team is incredibly talented, extraordinarily patient, and completely inspiring. I look forward to growing our partnership in 2022 and beyond, cheers to Acer Reveal!”

– Beaulah Grey

Events Manager, Acer America Corporation

Agency: Designit | Creative Director: Anya Ermakova | Art Directors: AJ Brillantes, Heather Edwards | Digital Designer: Derek MacLellan | Copywriters: Shannon Cumming, Kaelee Butner | Motion Designer: David Walsen | Video: Alex Perrault, Brett Bollier | Editor: Kaitlyn Jackson