28th April, 20██

From the desk of:
Anya Ermakova
Creative Director. Over-Thinker. Dog Lover.

I can show you some projects that involved experiential design, like the work I did for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. If you’re feeling corporate, Money20/20 might be more up your alley, with large scale everything: attendees, signage, footprint. I also did a stint with WWD, during which I developed visual identities and collateral for their many annual events. Before you jump to the next idea though, take a peek at the installation I did with Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

I also have some branding work under my belt. Westbrook Frames was a great one that I had the fortuity to work on, and so is the corporate identity for the CQ/Roll Call “Decoded” series of events. I also art directed the 2020 brand campaign shoot for Baha Mar, and did the creative direction for the packaging aspect of the Avid facelift.

Then again, you might be fascinated by this whole “jack of all trades” thing I have going. If you can think of it, I’ve probably done it. I got to work with Broadcast Music Inc. along the way. I designed web and mobile touchpoints for a little sports + fashion startup called Fanlime. I took a flight down to Miami to art direct a seasonal campaign shoot for Zinké. I’ve had the privilege to indulge my decadent side with Wines of Germany, and satisfy my sweet tooth with Baskin-Robbins. And I also carry a wealth of experience in corporate and financial verticals; with clients such as Pax World Funds, and Chubb.

But maybe you’re looking to grow your business. You need that creative little “je ne said quoi” to land the next big fish. If you’re in the business development game, I’m a pro at RFP responses and pitches, and I love getting into the nitty gritty with new ideas. Whether it’s the big picture or just with the details, I’m handy in a pinch.