Apple + Wipro

The Client: Apple + Wipro

Who They Are: The most recognizable brand in the world partnering with a $9.8B technology and consulting company.

Skills: Creative Direction, Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Video, Design, Advertising


Build a suite of B2B tools for the Wipro + Apple partnership
Apple and Wipro needed a holistic B2B approach to sell Apple devices in enterprise environments. The preconceived notions around Apple being a prestige and/or creative-only brand, however, meant that Apple was not as prevalent in certain work environments. This is complicated by the fact that most purchasers of enterprise hardware are Windows natives and don’t always understand the security and features that come with Apple devices.

Expanded microsite

Hone in on the human
Designit approached the initiative with specific personas in mind. Understanding their needs allowed us to craft messaging specific to their business motivations. We then produced an array of collateral across these segments, as well as launching a microsite, to better equip sales representatives. We focused on major topics such as device choice, security, app gap, seamless cross-device functionality, and remote out-of-the-box setup, among others.​

Apple ecosystem landing page

B2B, but make it personal
The microsite more than quadrupled the Wipro + Apple online footprint, allowing for clearer navigation, easier identification of services, and better SEO. The sales collateral was built with flexibility and malleability in mind, allowing the SAs to mix and match for better alignment with their target audience and their motivators. This lowered the SA teams’ reliance on presentation designers and outside vendors.​

Sales deck collateral

Agency: Designit Creative Director: Anya Ermakova Production Designer: AJ Leighton UX/UI Designer: Yumiko Murray Copywriter: Bryan Lark Project Manager: Dani Ventimiglia