The New Avid Look & Manifesto

The Client: Avid Technology

Who They Are: A technology and multimedia company that produces professional audio and video editing software and hardware.

Skills: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Print Design, Packaging Design, Digital Design, Advertising

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The New Avid

Avid has a 30-year history in creating technological products that power audio, video, and broadcasting systems worldwide. Its products are used in professional movie editing suites, as well as in the control booths for bands like Black Sabbath.

They came to Mod Op to refresh their look and give a new voice to what was perceived as a dated identity in a competitive landscape that catered to a younger audience.

The team, lead by Audra Pace, took on the challenge in giving the brand a facelift; which included numerous changes to the way that the company presented itself to the end consumer, while keeping the original spirit of Avid alive. This was comprised of, but not limited to changes in color, typography, various graphic elements, communications strategy, and tone of voice, which would eventually form the new Avid look and feel.

Excerpt from the Updated Brand Guidelines

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A Vibrant Packaging Design System

After the development of the style guide, I was tapped as the Creative Director to lead the packaging redesign. There were multiple considerations in developing a concept that would easily translate across a variety of mediums. The need to make the look and feel more accessible to a younger audience without alienating the existing user base, a gradual rollout timeline, as well as manufacturing limitations, were all a concerns that had to be addressed. We had to elevate the packaging within the confines of a corporate structure with multiple stakeholders.

The result was a packaging system that could be incrementally implemented, and had room for growth into other areas of the brand, and was a fun foray into the new Avid.

The New avid packaging

What came about was a design concept that leveraged the idea of transparency and “the big reveal.” Using the new Avid colors, we created playful user interactions across all unboxings. We suggested augmented reality as a way to sneak a peek at what’s inside the box. We used optical illusions as a means of obscuring registration codes, and as a gamification strategy across items that would otherwise seem banal.

User Manual & Activation Card

The final packaging system could be incrementally implemented, and had room for growth into other areas of the brand, and was a fun foray into the new Avid.

Suggested AR implementation

Powerful in white, too


Studio: Mod Op | Creative Director Rebrand: Audra V. Pace | Creative Director Packaging: Anya Ermakova | Graphic Designers: Jessica Griscti & Mia Park