Money20/20 – 2014

The Client: Money20/20

Who They Are: Money20/20 is the premier global event focused on payments & financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data & technology. With upwards of 11,000 attendees at the U.S. show each year, the event has since been geo-cloned across several markets.

Skills: Art Direction, Production Design, Print Design, Digital Design, Branding/Identity, App Design, Large Scale Graphics

2013 > 2014 > 2015 Logos

Logo Update

When the company was founded the “2020” in the name stood for the year; as in “what will money look like in the year 2020?” When I joined the company in 2014 we were at a point where 2020 did not seem like the “oh so distant future” anymore, so the strategy and thought behind the name had to be reevaluated.

Enter vision. 20/20 vision became the new brand foundation, and luckily it translated rather beautifully. Instead of a date, it became a conversation about what money looks like in the past, present, and future.

This repositioning obviously came with a rebrand. After many iterations, the descender on the ‘y’ came down to form the slash between the 20s, and it all fell in place.

In 2015, the color palette received a refresh, to move away from the murky ‘money’ green towards a cooler more tech focused blue and teal.

Email Blasts

Email Marketing

Throughout my tenure at Money20/20 we maintained a constant stream of marketing emails. These became our primary channel of communication with past attendees, and prospective attendees. We tried to keep things fresh, light, and always with a sense of humor. We didn’t want to be the stuffy conference that reiterated facts and nothing more. The vision puns were always there, because we all agreed that life’s less fun without a good pun.

Great care was taken to make sure the lists were properly segmented; that registered attendees were never inundated with “register now!” emails. This also gave us great opportunity to A/B test and fine tune the brand voice.

2015 Mobile App Screens

Native App

The full conference experience in a mobile app. Every year Money20/20 released a mobile app – available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mobile Web.

The app became the pocket companion of nearly every attendee. It featured schedules, session descriptions, maps, speaker biographies, and just about every other thing an events attendee might require; including a double blind messaging system between users.

The app also became the platform through which post event videos of all the sessions were released.

The most unique aspect of the Money20/20 app was that in 2014 it achieved a 95.2% adoption rate, among 7,500+ attendees, and went even higher in 2015 with a user base of 11,000+ attendees.

Print Collateral

With a show that has 11,000+ attendees there was obviously a lot of print collateral that was being produced. To commandeer The Aria (2014), and The Venetian + Sands Expo (2015) over 600 individual print designs were produced. From window clings, meter boards, directional signage, floor clings, aisle signs, backpacks, seat drops, brochures, lanyards… You name it, I’ve designed and produced it.

In case you want to check out the full version of the brochure featured above: Click Here