Pax World Funds

The Client: Pax World Funds

Who They Are: An investment firm founded on the principle of making it possible for investors to align their investments with their values.

Skills: Art Direction, Print Design, Digital Design, Infographic Design, UX/UI, Wire Framing, IA

Invest In Her Booklet – 01

Invest in Her (Pax Ellevate)

One of the issues that Pax sought to bring to light was their commitment to global fight for wage parity.

The client commissioned a trifold booklet to be designed and produced that speaks to the issues women face in the workplace, as well as to how women in the board room benefit the business by increasing the overall ROI.

The overall design uses a combination of stock photography, custom infographics, and an overall branded tone to convey a message that might have come across as dry in simply a text-based form.

Invest In Her Booklet – 02

A World of Impact

With the generational shift in the importance of sustainability, Pax wanted to leverage the efforts they were making to aid their various causes, and thus engage with their shifting target demographic.

They provided a word document of their accomplishments for the 2015 year, and I took it from there.

Website Redesign Comps

Website Redesign

The Pax website redesign was a unique challenge. Their existing website was not yet responsive, and in need of a drastic facelift, but it had a regulatory back-end that displayed a top menu that could neither be redesigned or removed at the time. In fact this redesign would be the brand’s first foray into responsive and modular design.

The process involved a thorough understanding of their current and future content, and a foray into information architecture and categorization, after which I developed a series of sites in wireframe.

Finally, after all parties were agreed that the core functionality and projected needs were being met – with each piece of content and CTA having an intuitive home, the top level design was layered on. This design used colorful visual cues to show subject categories, as well as bold imagery to convey messaging that resonated with the end user.


Studio: RF Binder | Art Director: Anya Ermakova | Senior Graphic Designer: Lisa Hanley