Wines of Germany

Ahr Wine Region

The Client: Wines of Germany

Who They Are: The U.S. office of the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute). A source of information on German wine regions, statistics, and fun facts, plus promotions and events in the U.S..

Skills: Art Direction, Print Design, Web Design

Wine Pairings Postcard

Summer of Riesling Postcards

In order to connect with a younger Millennial audience, Wines of Germany launched a series of events called ‘Summer of Riesling’ with the goal of showcasing their summer wines, and educating their consumers on food pairings that can be made with their selections.

The Summer of Riesling postcards were a series designed to be handed out at these events so that the consumer could have a handy little guide of both the wine they liked, as well as what it would pair brilliantly with.

Email Blast Template

Email Blast Template

Email acquisition and marketing are part of every brand’s core business strategy, Wines of Germany was no exception, but their email marketing practices were outdated. With the aim of improving click through rates and conversion, a redesign was requested for their newsletter, as well as a move toward a platform that was easier to use in-house.

The end result ended up being a fluid template that kept messaging consistent and clear, with on-brand headers for sections and easily changeable image and text areas through Mailchimp.


Studio: RF Binder | Art Director: Anya Ermakova | Senior Graphic Designer: Lisa Hanley