Look Book Shoot – 01

The Client: Zinké

Who They Are: A swimwear and lingerie line that had a boho chic vibe.

Skills: Art Direction, Web Design, Print Design

Look Book Shot – 02


In 2013 I flew down to Miami to direct a photo shoot for Zinke’s seasonal look book. At the same time as shooting the still images, the decision was made to shoot b-roll video. This video was intended to be edited at a later date for various uses; however shortly after the photoshoot took place a request came through to come up with assets for Miami Swim Week, during which Zinké would be showcasing their new collection. With no budget, nor any time to hire a video editing team, a happy outcome came unexpectedly in the form of cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs are a variation on the classic .gif format, wherein small areas of a still image are replaced with a video loop. These images feel like a quiet morning, when the first ray of light comes creeping in the window and the world has yet to start its hustle and bustle.

The format came together beautifully with the mood of the entire shoot, bringing home the nostalgic and retro chic feel.

Camus on the beach.

Watching time slip by…

Still left waiting.

Look Book Shot – 03

Website Design

Translating the photo shoot across mediums, we ended up with images that drove the narrative of our heroine that season across the then newly redesigned home page. These teaser images provided glimpses of a stunning and emotionally evocative lifestyle.

Look Book Shot – 04


Studio: DMA United | Art Director: Anya Ermakova | Photographer: Lucie Hugary | Stylist: Soraya Dayani | Model: Julie Rode